Stuff I love

Here’s a quick, quick post from me about some people I love and you will love too.

* Peas and Love

This site is run by my gorgeous in every way friend Amanda. It is a great green website and not only does she write a hilarious and informative blog about a range of topical issues, she also sells the most gorgeous products in her online shop. If you are a cloth nappy user or you are interested in using cloth nappies,  you should really check out her site.  She is the font of all cloth nappy knowledge; what she doesn’t know about cloth nappies isn’t worth knowing.  She’s a keen gardener too, and her website is filled to the brim with practical and easy to follow gardening tips. I’m so bad at gardening I could kill Astroturf, but thanks to her, I’ve managed keep my garden alive and actually grow stuff. Huzzah!


This site is run by my friend Steph and she makes the most gorgeous bags, phone cases and meditation mats ever. They are all handmade and designed by her. You will not see prettier and unique fabric anywhere unless you live in a magic kingdom.  In fact, she had some fabric that was so pretty I immediately asked her to design a couple of toddler-sized handbags for my daughter. Okay, my daughter is just 7 months old and she has nothing to put in a handbag yet, but Steph’s designs and fabrics are so pretty that I couldn’t resist.

She also is a fantastic cook and she has some wonderful recipes on her site. If you need practical wine advice, she has a wine expert on her site as well!

*Helen Purves

Helen is my hilariously funny, wickedly smart and delightfully posh friend and co-worker. She’s a fantastic writer and one of those cool techy girls too. She likes gin and kittens and came to my kids’ Halloween party dressed as a garlic bulb. What more could you want?
I’ll be back with a blog post about parenting as soon as I stop The Toddler from attempting to bludgeon The Girl with a Croc sandal.


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