Howdy, welcome, shalom, aloha…

My name’s Leslie.  A year or more ago, a friend of mine suggested that I write a parenting blog after a post I wrote on a discussion forum.  Another friend of mine said that I should write a parenting blog. Some people I met in a group said I should write one. My mom said I should write one even though she doesn’t have a fucking clue how to write a blog and still thinks  computers are some sort of witchcraft.

I decided to give it a shot because I’ve finally sorted out my confidence issues and my friend is not going to stop bringing it up every time I make some comment about my kids or parenting in general.


First things first– I’m going to write mainly about parenting, but there may be some stuff about race, gender, politics, class and Lorraine Pascale. Lorraine Pascale will feature weekly, more on that later.

Secondly, I’m not really about the cutey-wutesy bit of parenting nor do I have much advice on how to simplify the job other than to buy loads of fish fingers. Parenting is a series of what-the-fuck moments and I’ll share them with you.


Thirdly, I do hope you like it. If you don’t,  be nice about why you don’t because nobody likes a dick.



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